2024 LASC Spring Business Meeting Minutes

Lake Arthur Sailing Club

2024 Business Meeting-North Park Lounge

March 23, 2024                                                              


Ken & Patty Adams Bob Humphreys Bill Paviol
John Baker Don & Sharon Isacco Chuck & Floy Pease
John & Nicole Cassano Shelly Isacco John Sumrok
Joe & Kacey Faisant Mike Krivjanik Deb Vey
Beryl Gilmartin David & Vicki MacDonald  Terry Wheeler
Bob Goldman Scott & Janet Mullins

 Election Results

Elections were held for 3 officers and 3 directors.  All nominations were accepted and approved.

LASC Officers for 2024

  • Captain – Chuck Pease – 2-year position
  • Vice-Captain – Scott Mullins – 2-year position
  • Treasurer – Bob Goldman – 2-year position-1 year remaining.
  • Secretary – Vicki MacDonald – Elected to complete vacant position.  2-year position – 1 year remaining.

New Directors for 2024.  (Elected to complete vacant positions)

  • Shelly Isacco – 3-year position – 1 year remaining.
  • Kacey Faisant – 3-year position-1 year remaining.

Existing Directors

  • Mike Evers – 3-year position – 2 years remaining.
  • John Sumrok – 3-year position -1 year remaining.
  • There is one director position still open.  A director will be appointed by the board.

Shelly Isacco volunteered to be the Race Coordinator for the upcoming season.

Treasurer’s Report (was provided as a handout at meeting)

  • Membership applications will be emailed to the general membership in the near future.

Schedule of Events for 2024 (was provided as a handout at the meeting and posted on the website)

New Business

Chuck Pease presented proposed changes to the LASC bylaws.  These changes will be reviewed by the board.


The North Hills Lounge scheduled another group on the other side of the room.  In the past, they have provided us with a private room for our meetings.  The noise from the other side was deafening, making it nearly impossible to hear anything during our presentations.

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