2023 Spring Meeting Minutes

Lake Arthur Sailing Club – Annual Business Meeting – March 25, 2023

Attending Officers: Deb Vey, Captain; Beryl Gilmartin, Vice-Captain; Bob Goldman,
Treasurer; Secretary, n/a (Amy Cannard, interim Clerk of Records)
Attending Board Members: John Cassano; Mike Evers; Dave MacDonald; Scott Mullins,
John Sumrock

Attending Members: Nicole Cassano, Vikki MacDonald, Janet Mullins, Dave August,
Susan Mucha, Tom Mysliwiec, Tammy Mysliwiec, Mike Krivjanik, Evan Morgan, Adele
Morgan, Larry Parker, Jeanne Parker, Joe Faisant, Kacey Faisant, Chuck Pease, Floy
Pease, Terry Wheeler, Dan Mayhugh, Mike Cowher, Don Isacco, Sharon Isacco, Bob

Captain Deb Vey called the meeting to order at 3:37pm, with a hearty welcome & a
reminder to those present to get their 2023 Memberships into Bob Goldman as soon as

The first order of business was the discussion & approval of the 2023 Events. The Clerk
read the proposed list to the assembly. After much discussion on race dates,
notifications to the park/state of marks-in-the-water days & various social event
corrections, Terry Wheeler made a motion to amend & approve the Events list with
changes as noted. Vikki MacDonald seconded; Approved unanimously, with the caveat
of park/state approval of race dates. (Final Event list attached to these minutes & will be
posted to the membership prior to April 15, 2023.)

A discussion followed on a confusion of what duties were assigned to each Board
Officer. Terry Wheeler made a motion to task the Board of Directors to create a
comprehensive list of each Officer’s duties and to include a requirement of all serving
Board members to attend a separate Board-only meeting to be set a few weeks prior to
any General Membership meeting. Dave MacDonald seconded; Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report – Bob Goldman was actively accepting membership renewals at the
meeting, so he gave an estimated Balance report of $2000 currently on-hand. Due to
ever-increasing rates, he has also taken on the task of researching insurance options for
better pricing & terms to suit the club’s needs. Tammy Mysliwiec moved to accept the
Treasurer’s Report; Dave August seconded; Approved unanimously.

Beryl Gilmartin suggested amending the New Membership fee discount to read for
Sailboat Memberships only, with no discount offered to New Associate members. After
much discussion, the consensus was to not make the change as this season has already
begun – tabled for further review for next season. During this discussion, it was brought
to the members’ attention that, as an Associate member, Amy Cannard is not eligible to
serve as Secretary on the Board of Directors. This was an oversight on the nominator’s
part & an unknown rule to the nominee at the 2022 Fall General meeting. As such, the
club has no currently seated Secretary; the Board of Directors will need to appoint one
until a properly eligible Secretary can be elected. Amy Cannard agreed to continue as
the Clerk of Records until a Secretary is appointed, to serve at the pleasure of the

It was suggested that the Board look at the club’s current By-Laws to see if any
revisions or updates will need to be addressed – Bob Goldman agreed to pull all the
club’s official documents & begin this review process to be discussed at a later date.

Motion to Adjourn by Tom Mysliwiec; John Sumrock seconded; Approved unanimously
at 4:35pm.

Respectfully submitted; Amy Cannard, interim Clerk of Records

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