2017 Boat Crawl

On Saturday, September 9th, we were planning to have a “Boat Crawl” suggested by Janet Mullins.  However the Mullins will be unavailable then so we are going to schedule it for the following Saturday, September 16th at 5 PM.  The Boat Crawl is envisioned as sort of a progressive dinner where participants move as a group every 10-15 minutes from boat to boat to be served an appetizer, then main or side dish and then finally desert.  This will be an opportunity to show off your boat as well as your culinary tastes with your fellow sailors.  We haven’t done this before so this is the plan (subject to change):  Prior to starting the crawl we will have a signup sheet at the M-dock pavilion for participants to list their food item (appetizer, main or side dish, desert).  Boats should be made ready and food stationed by 5 PM.  We will then order the listed food by appetizer, main or side dish and desert.  As a group, with plate in hand, we will visit each boat in food order and sample the food.  After a brief visit the group will progress to the next boat and on until all boats have been visited.  After all boats have been visited, any remaining food items can be brought to the M-dock pavilion and finished there.  It’s not necessary to have people come aboard your boat if it’s not practical.  You may want to consider setting up a small table (e.g.: TV tray) on the dock near your boat to serve your food item.  Start thinking about this.  More to come.

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