2017 Lake Arthur Regatta – Boat Parade


The annual Lake Arthur Regatta (August 5-6) is just around the corner.  This year LASC and MSC have volunteered to assist the Regatta with the boat parade so it’s incumbent on us to have a good showing.  We need as many LASC boats as possible to participate.  The plan is to have the parade lead by a park ranger boat past the regatta crowd on the south beach.  Participating boats will  gather in Watts Bay at 3 PM, Saturday.  A registration boat will be anchored there.  Participating boats will stop by the registration boat and provide their name which will be read by the PA announcer during the parade.  A sequence number will be provided to assign a position in the line.  At 3:30 PM the parade will begin.  Boats will need maintain their position in line and keep up with the boat in front of them (this means motoring).  Finally the expectation is to decorate your boat.  We didn’t have a boat decorating event for Jimmy Buffet day with the idea that the parade would be the time to go all out and decorate.

Follow link below to see regatta flyer on boat parade.

RALA Boat Parade 8.5×11 (3)


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